Return to earth

After arriving back onto the breeding grounds about ten days ago the Rainbow Bee-eaters have been displaying in small groups up high, joining small parties of Fairy Martins, Welcome Swallows and White-backed Swallows in the warm air.


Rainbow Bee-eater, Newstead Cemetery, 15th October 2015.

From time to time pairs will drop down to perch – eyeing off prospective nest sites. Generally they will choose existing tunnels – there are numerous options along the gully. At this time they make brief visits to the ground around the holes before taking flight again – smudges of dry earth on the bills of the birds indicate that tunnel refurbishment has begun and it won’t be long before the first of this seasons eggs are laid.


The male trilling.


Note the dust on the bill … a sign that tunneling has begun.


Male display flight above the breeding grounds.

2 responses to “Return to earth

  1. wow wow wow. these are exquisite photos of the most beautiful bird. their courting flights are exquisite

  2. too beautiful for words!

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