The crafty bird

Grey Currawongs are a signature species of the box-ironbark country around Newstead. They are neither common or obvious, and apart from their mournful, ringing cry which can be heard throughout the year, they tend to be observed at a distance as they search for large insects though the canopy and branches of eucalypts. They are a crafty and wary species.

A pair has built a nest in a small Grey Box west of Mia Mia Track – one of the adults was seen at the weekend, presumably incubating – it kept a keen eye on the observers as they admired its handiwork.


Grey Currawong on nest, Bruce’s Track, Muckleford State Forest, 10th October 2015.


The nest site was located in a form about six metres above the forest floor.


The afternoon was very warm.

One response to “The crafty bird

  1. We have a pair on our block, Geoff. They had youngsters a couple of years ago which visited our bird baths with their parents. As you say, they are shy and fly away if they see us.
    We can see their nest this year, and are hoping for more offspring. I really like them.

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