Ah … the light!

Wonderful evening light and Rainbow Bee-eaters just returned on migration … a nice combination.


Rainbow Bee-eater (female), Newstead Cemetery, 11th October 2015.











9 responses to “Ah … the light!

  1. Any clues on the male/female differences? Great Photos.

  2. Thanks Geoff. I’m off to Cowra this weekend for their survey weekend and there usually are Rainbow Bee-eaters. I’ll look for the differences.

  3. Fabulous photos, one of my favourite birds.

  4. Thank you for your wonderful photos

  5. Thank you for all your brilliant, uplifting photos. Each post is such a joy in my inbox – to start the day, or provide a later distraction – such as today, as I struggle with trying to respond to an EIS which puts so little regard on urban natural areas/green space. Spin, spin spin.
    I will never forget my first and only encounter with RBE’s in Kinchega NP after an amazing electrical storm and downpour, when I saw them, the following morning throwing themselves into the puddles left on the dirt road by the camping area. Thanks again for your lovely blog. So glad I was led to it (thanks to Ian Lunt)

  6. Fantastic as ever, Geoff, you must have been beside ya self when you realised, what a great session you had had!

  7. Absolutely stunning birds and photos!

  8. That bottom photo of the rainbow bird fair took my breath away .I gasped { with pleasure.} John from Otways.

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