Quite a contrast

The male and female Mistletobirds are quite a contrast. The male is unmistakable with its metallic blue upper parts, brilliant scarlet breast and under tail coverts. The female on the other hand is exclusively grey, apart from pale scarlet under the tail. This pair was photographed this morning at the Newstead Cemetery, a momentary distraction from my main quarry – the newly arrived Rainbow Bee-eaters.


The female Mistletoebird.


Male Mistletoebird, Newstead Cemetery, 11th October 2015.


The male also has a striking black chest line.


Male Mistletoebird with recently expelled mistletoe seed – on Cootamundra Wattle. The gelatinous covering of the seed sticks like glue.


Another portrait of the male.


The general body shape is distinctive – note the short, stubby tail and almost finch-like bill.

3 responses to “Quite a contrast

  1. Great photos thanks Geoff. Did not realise the black chest band was so pronounced

  2. Absolutely beautiful. Can’t wait to attend one of the workshops next year.

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