What have your Owls been up to?

by Frances Cincotta

Newstead residents may be familiar with our spectacular and rare Powerful Owls, which have very successfully raised young down by the Loddon. But what are the lives of these magnificent nocturnal hunters really like? And how do they sustain themselves and feed their young? Landcare member and PhD student Emmi Scherlies has been researching the lifestyles of these remarkable birds and will let us into their secrets at our October presentation and AGM. Don’t miss this great opportunity to discover more about Australia’s largest owl. The presentation will be on Thursday October 15th starting at 8pm at Newstead Community Centre and will go for about an hour. A very brief AGM will follow and then some light refreshments. All are welcome to attend. Gold coin donations would be appreciated.

Contact Frances Cincotta 5476 2691 or Patrick Kavanagh 0437 663 345 for further information.


Juvenile Powerful Owl with prey, Loddon River @ Newstead. Photograph by Patrick Kavanagh.

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