Who saw it first?

Nature works in wonderfully connected ways.

While looking for Speckled Warblers over the weekend I became aware a of number of small birds making repeated visits to a spot on the trunk of a sapling Red Stringybark Eucalyptus macrorhyncha.

Close inspection revealed that the birds had been shredding and gathering fibres of bark for nest-building. Over the next little while both Striated Thornbills and Spotted Pardalotes made a number of visits to harvest material – I wonder who discovered the site first?

The pardalotes would be using the fibres to line their earthen tunnel, while the thornbills would most likely  be deploying the bark into the superstructure of their tiny dome-shaped nests. I’ve often seen these ‘bark mines’ in the bush, but can’t recall ever seeing multiple species working them previously.


The ‘nest-lining’ site


Striated Thornbill with stringybark fibres, Demo Track, 3rd October 2015.




Male Spotted Pardalote plucking stringybark fibres.



One response to “Who saw it first?

  1. Such a wonderful bit of observation, nicely spotted.

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