Along Demo Track

The warm weather has led to the appearance of a few more butterflies in the local bush. Earlier in the week along Demo Track Painted Lady’s were seen in good numbers, temporarily distracting me from the birds.


Painted Lady, Demo Track, 28th September 2015.


Painted Lady sunning on flowering Pimelea

The sight of a large raptor overhead was no surprise, but the fact that it was a curious Black Kite was. This species is rarely seen in the forest – not entirely unexpected though as it’s rapidly extending its range and abundance in central Victoria.


Black Kite over Demo Track.

This Spotted Pardalote apparently had a nest nearby – I didn’t dally in its territory, the bird’s agitated demeanor encouraging me to move along.


Male Spotted Pardalote


Agitation display.


About to dive towards the nest …

One response to “Along Demo Track

  1. Lovely, just back from an epic trip from Kingoonya to Ceduna on the back road and saw such a fantastic array of plants and animals and birds. Wishing I had a camera like yours to record some!

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