Saturday from the garden

Yesterday in the garden there were birds at all heights and angles. I’m not sure what possessed me to look directly overhead but if I hadn’t done so this flock of almost 100 Straw-necked Ibis would have escaped my attention – just one of a number of happenings on a beautiful Spring day.


Straw-necked Ibis above Newstead, 26th September 2015.


Brown-headed Honeyeater at the bird bath.


Red Wattlebird – adult with insects.


Red Wattlebird fledgling with ant.


Male Superb Fairy-wren.

3 responses to “Saturday from the garden

  1. The wattlebirds I have seen have much larger wattles.
    What is the difference?
    Beautiful pictures . I start my day with viewing this delightful
    Website. Thank you Geoff.

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