Blink and you’ll miss it

Bush bird breeding is in full swing at the moment. For small birds, like this Buff-rumped Thornbill, the window for reproduction can be brief. If conditions turn dry and hot there may only be time for one, perhaps two nesting attempts, while a cool moist summer may provide an opportunity for further effort. This nest was featured earlier this month when the birds were incubating – nestlings can fledge after about three weeks, so the young may have successfully departed the nest site by now.


Buff-rumped Thornbill nest in Gorse Bitter-pea, Fence Track, 14th September 2015.


Arriving with a bill full of insects.






One of the parents perched momentarily after a feeding visit.


Removing a fecal pellet from the nest.

3 responses to “Blink and you’ll miss it

  1. Just amazing seeing these little snippets of bird life!

  2. Geoff, I really enjoy these “family life” moments of our amazing birds.
    Thank you

  3. A couple of those photographs look like paintings.

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