Alan Hartup – a selection of nature photographs

A wonderful exhibition of nature photographs by leading amateur photographer and longtime resident of Newstead, Alan Jesse Hartup (1915 –2004) will be opened at the Newstead Railway Arts Hub on Saturday October 10th at 3pm.

This exhibition is largely of bird life in Newstead and the surrounding districts, from Alan’s vast array of black and white photographs and colour slides. This selection of 20 works of black and white and prints from colour slides, spans over 60 years of Alan’s impressive output. Beginning with his beloved 35mm Voigtlander camera, he progressed to the brilliant level of work he achieved with his Mamiya and Rollieflex 2¼ square cameras and his great ability with dark room techniques.

Alan has been represented widely in amateur circles and has been a central figure in promoting, selecting and judging photography in Victoria and interstate. In preparing for this exhibition we have been reminded what a wonderful legacy Alan has left with images of the beauty and richness of our surroundings. He was a man at one with the natural world and one who took a vital interest in our environment and how to care for it. The exhibition was prompted by local field naturalists Geoff Park and Mrs. Joan Butler.

We, members of Alan and Rita’s family, appreciate the opportunity to show his work.

Curly show

6 responses to “Alan Hartup – a selection of nature photographs

  1. Wish I could go, hope it’s well attended!

  2. Thank you Geoff. The numbers are climbing.


  3. Reblogged this on Birds as Poetry and commented:
    A must see if you are in the area.
    Curly was a most magnificent gentleman, and so freely shared his knowledge of the area and of the wildlife.

  4. A wonderful chance to see a Body of Work.
    I have only great memories of sharing time with Curly.

  5. I will be very sad to not to see this exhibition, please accept my apologies. Having had the pleasure of seeing a few of Curly’s photos shown in the Hartup kitchen around 1966 I do appreciate the quality of his work. I congratulate the Hartup family on making his contribution to the photographic record of our spectacular wildlife more widely know. Best wishes.

    • Dear Robert – I will certainly pass on your apologies and hope you may get to see the photographs at some stage in the future.
      All the best, geoff

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