Pardalotes and a predator

by Patrick Kavanagh

I was very pleased to see that a pair of Striated Pardalotes are starting to use one of our nest boxes. Last year they raised at least five clutches in this box, indifferent to foolish photographer on a ladder documenting their labours. Down our lane, I encountered this male Spotted Pardalote digging a nest into a small rabbit scratching amongst the weeds. Very creative, I thought.

Spotted Pardalote_15-09-05_3 crop

Spotted Pardalote, Strangways, 10th September 2015.

Striated Pardalote_15-09-10_9 crop

Striated Pardalote

Striated Pardalote_15-09-10_10 crop

Striated Pardalote displaying

Brown Goshawk

Ed note: Brown Goshawks are a difficult bird to photograph – this shot shows the rounded tail, a useful diagnostic feature, to advantage. Well done Patrick!

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