A Sunday treat

Very fortunate to be able to view these magnificent birds.


White-bellied Sea-eagle, Cairn Curran, 13th September 2015.









Thanks Brian!

6 responses to “A Sunday treat

  1. Thank you Geoff, Kerry & I are in Edinburgh currently. The lady we are staying with just loves your work, she registered today. These shots of the beloved Seaeagle are amazing! Thank again.

  2. Monday morning treat, catching up on the fantastic photos from over the week end. Thanks!

  3. Amazing bird, amazing shots. About how high was he (she?) flying? Do they fly in pairs?

    • Hi Bruce – yes likely a female … flying higher than the cats … but not by that much … about 50 metres above the ground. They often fly in pairs … will post some more shots over coming weeks.
      Hope you are going well.
      Cheers, geoff

  4. Breath-taking bird and photos. I have never really seen the sea-eagle underbelly before. I wonder how these eagles perceive the world from on high.

  5. Great shots Geoff truly lucky to see glad Helen Schofield told me of your site kind regards Lance Breguet

    Sent from my iPhone


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