The complete palette

They are common and ever-present so it’s perhaps easy to overlook the beauty of our local parrots. Here are a couple of favourites from the past week, showcasing the full palette of colours that they bring to the landscape.


Red-rumped Parrots, Loddon River @ Newstead, 4th September 2015.


The male Red-rumped Parrot is a striking bird.


Eastern Rosellas feeding on Romulea in the backyard at Wyndham Street, 7th September 2015.


Male Eastern Rosella.


The female is slightly smaller and less boldly coloured overall.

3 responses to “The complete palette

  1. The little red-rumped parrots blend in so well with the grass that they’re was to over look. I feel sorry for them trying to compete for nesting hollows with the larger, boisterous rainbow lorikeets that are around.
    We don’t see too many Eastern Rosellas around, but it’s always a pleasure to spot them, too.

  2. I was interested in your article about the Red-Rumped Parrot, I spent a month out on the Coopers Creek and there was a flock

    of them nesting along the creek at the crossing at Innamincka.

    They are a lot paler with none of the bright colours of the normal birds.

    I only saw them in this one area, further North than where the Mulga Parrot is found.

    I didn’t see any normal coloured ones within 300 km of them.


    • Thanks Barney – is it possible that you might have been seeing Bourke’s Parrot nesting at Innamincka? They are somewhat like the female Red-rump.
      Cheers, geoff

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