A mixed offering

More evidence of breeding activity, this time in and around the home garden.

Next door a pair of Common Bronzewings have ‘constructed’ a nest in a planted eucalyptus. Luckily no building permit is required … this species would always struggle to get an occupancy certificate. Horsfield’s Bronze-cuckoos arrived a few weeks back, and have now been joined by Shining Bronze-cuckoos, Fan-tailed and Pallid Cuckoos. The bird pictured below is one of a number calling with sweet regularity along our street, where rosellas are checking out nest sites in hollows in the elms.


Common Bronzewing (male) on the nest, Wyndham Street Newstead, 5th September 2015.


The female sitting.


Horsfield’s Bronze-cuckoo … caught at take-off!


Crimson Rosella at nest site in one of street side Elms

4 responses to “A mixed offering

  1. Nice! Speaking of cuckoos, yesterday my tame lady koel returned from migration. A breathtakingly beautiful bird. While she’s been coming around for a couple years now, it was only in March this year she started accepting food from the hand. Yesterday she turned up and immediately was doing the same. Its amazing a fairly small bird like that can migrate from NSW to NQ or PNG, fly back to the same house in the suburbs 6 months later and remember that a human is friendly.

    • Yes Eric – this is a remarkable feat for many birds. I always look forward to the return of the migrants each spring … return of old friends.
      Koels are occasionally seen in central Victoria – more so in recent years. None have ventured to Newstead as yet … maybe this year.
      Cheers, geoff

  2. The female Bronzewing there is so beautiful. The white lines really accentuate her gorgeous eyes. Nice shot.

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