A tenuous connection

What’s the link between these images – not much really, apart from the fact that both were captured from exactly the same spot.

I was photographing the Striated Thornbills fossicking for insects and then the White-winged Choughs appeared en masse, putting on a great display of wing fluttering. There is always something to marvel at in the local bush.


Striated Thornbill #1


Striated Thornbill #2


Striated Thornbill #3


White-winged Chough near Fence Track, 1st September 2015.


Chough display #1


Chough display #2

One response to “A tenuous connection

  1. White winged choughs are fun. A group has been living not far from me, in the bush on the other side of the railway line. I see them from time to time when out walking the firetrails, and they also come down to the lawns of some miners’ cottages to feed sometimes. They are quite curious and will follow a stranger around to eyeball them.

    Sadly their home territory is now being developed so I won’t get to see them again.

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