Diamonds in the shine

Prior to some nice rain yesterday afternoon the local bush was parched … not that a few drops (12mm) breaks the drought!

Bush pools are a magnet to birds and when there are limited options the birds will predictably gather. A brief visit to the Rise and Shine yesterday saw a number of honeyeaters – Yellow-tufted, Fuscous and White-naped, together with a small flock of Diamond Firetails. The gentle, mewing calls of the firetails announced their arrival and I got some good views as they gathered near the water to drink and bathe.


Diamond Firetail, Rise and Shine, 2nd September 2015.


Flitting in to drink and bathe.


Beads of moisture are evident on the neck-band and breast.


What a beauty!

3 responses to “Diamonds in the shine

  1. Lyn And Gordon Barfield

    Truly beautiful work and bird Geoff. Lyn and Gordon Barfield

  2. Beautiful!

  3. Beautiful bird and lovely photographs.

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