Cryptic nest site

Eastern Yellow Robin breeding is in full swing – some birds are already sitting on eggs, while others are completing nests. This species is renowned for building exquisite, well-concealed structures. This particular nest, located about six metres off the ground in Yellow Box, has been constructed behind a flap of peeling bark on the tree. The actual nest bowl is not visible at all from the ground – the birds likewise when  sitting.


Eastern Yellow Robin leaving the nest site, Rise and Shine, 31st August 2015.


Can you see the nest?


Eastern Yellow Robins forage largely on the ground – darting from low perches is a common strategy.


A sliver of Yellow Box bark for the nest.


Courtship feeding – the male transferring a captured invertebrate.


Another visit with nesting material – delicately balanced above the nest site.

3 responses to “Cryptic nest site

  1. I’m so enjoying your images. What a treat!
    Can I ask what model camera you have?

  2. Brings a lot more understanding to me, thanks!

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