Worth noting

They don’t visit Newstead that often so its worth noting when they grace us with their presence.

Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoos are large, long-lived birds that range over a vast areas in search of food, utilising reliable locations, on a regular basis. This small flock was seen over the school grounds earlier in the week, probably paying a visit to the pine plantation nearby. I suspect they are part of a larger mob that ranges across the shire.


Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoos, Newstead, 24th August 2015.


That’s a male, with the pink eye-ring, at the front.


Two of the flock of six birds – the larger mob that roves the shire numbers about sixty individuals.


  1. Jen King reported a flock of ~ 40 birds on 27/8/2015 near Strangways.
  2. I spotted about a dozen on 30/8/2015 on the western slopes of Mount Tarrengower.

3 responses to “Worth noting

  1. lynette Amaterstein

    Love their call Geoff. Always hear them before I see them. Beautiful birds.

  2. Yes, that mob has been around for some time. They used to visit our Hakea in Daylesford, but it died last summer. Used to see them heading towards Daylesford when I was working in Blampied 3 or 4 years back. Great photos as usual, Geoff!

  3. Always something special about these ones, thank you for sharing.

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