Birds and beetles enjoy the bounty

by Patrick Kavanagh

Our Golden Wattles Acacia pycnantha are alive with insectivorous birds at present and a close look shows why. I’d love to know more about these beetles. It wasn’t until I looked at the photos on my computer that I saw some even smaller arthropods enjoying the bounty of the flowers.

Beetles on Golden Wattle_15-08-23_1 crop

Beetle on Golden Wattle, Strangways, 23rd August 2015.

Beetles on Golden Wattle_15-08-23_6 crop


Beetles on Golden Wattle_15-08-23_9


Beetles on Golden Wattle_15-08-23_11 crop


PS: Thanks to Bowerbird most of these beetles have been confirmed as belong to the family Tenebrionidae.

One response to “Birds and beetles enjoy the bounty

  1. carolbarker2014

    Thank you Patrick for reacquainting me with my 10X lens. Not exactly your macro lens but it’s amazing what detail one can see with this little lens. Keep up the good work!

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