Transfixion …

rendered motionless, as with amazement, or awe.

Such was the case at the weekend with this pair of Eastern Yellow Robins engaged in courtship feeding. I’ve never seen them take a skink before, but clearly they do.

A magic moment!


Eastern Yellow Robin (female), Rise and Shine, 23rd August 2015.











23 responses to “Transfixion …

  1. Great photos, great timeing

  2. An awesome series of shots Geoff capturing the wonder of nature.

  3. Heather Freemantle

    Absolutely amazing ! You have captured a very special moment.

  4. I am rendered breathless too Geoff. Perhaps in courtship he was really out to impress and skink is the highlight of the menu. He does look peeved that she has flown away with it.
    You are amazing too Geoff!!!

  5. lynette Amaterstein

    Sensational pictures Geoff. Thank you.


  6. What a magnificent set of photos Geoff.
    Thankyou for sharing them with us.

  7. Amazing! A big snack for sure… Gorgeous photos as always.

  8. Just awesome! wonderful photos every day .

  9. Geoff

    This is absolutely amazing!! Love your work and thank you for sharing.

  10. Great photography and so interesting to see behaviour.

  11. Hi Geoff,
    Great photos as usual! Have you been able to ID the skink. Looking at the barring on the lips it could be a Weasel Skink -Saproscincus mustelinus but it’s difficult to tell.
    Anyway you keep outdoing yourself with the quality of photos and I look forward to the next instalment.

    • Hi Craig – sorry, but skink ID is not one of my strong points … your guess is probably much better than mine!
      Cheers, geoff

  12. Great to see. That would have slowed them down as normally that food pass and his departure is about the blink of an eye.

    Looks like they are well on the way to the next generation.

  13. Whow, you must be pretty impressed with that photo of the skink being fed to the yellow robin mate-I most certainly am, enough to write this-would you like this photo shared on our FoNW facebook page or are your photos pretty well under restricted creative commons. Sorry to ask, but I was so impressed I just wanted to share it.

  14. Fantastic to see and great shots, Geoff!

  15. wow! great shots.
    when I was bring up a foundling magpie, I tried to get it interested in a skink.The skink got away of course which just left the tail. every time he had a go at the tail it would break again, until there were half a dozen little wriggling bits of tail! I didn’t know they did that. sorry. a bit macabre, but I had to share.

  16. superb documentation of local bird-life, Geoff !!

  17. Absolutely stunning work Geoff! Bringing joy to so many through your observation and then sharing. : )

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