Now resident?

Black Kites Milvus migrans have appeared in increasing numbers over recent years, part of a pattern of a southward shift/range extension of this widespread raptor. Black Kites have an almost global distribution and are typically associated with human habitation, sometimes congregating in their thousands around abattoirs and rubbish dumps, where they scavenge for food. To date I haven’t any reports of them breeding in the Newstead area, but the behaviour of this pair spotted near Picnic Point last weekend suggests that such an observation would not be unexpected.


Black Kite, Picnic Point, 15th August 2015.









2 responses to “Now resident?

  1. Interesting you mentioned them congregating in large numbers. My daughter was playing soccer in Moama a few weeks ago, above the ground there were about 50 raptors circling. I’m guessing that they were probably black kites.

    • Hi Paul – most likely they would have been Black Kites – look for the forked tail. You often get other raptors mixing in – especially Whistling Kites.
      Well spotted!
      Cheers, geoff

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