Spot the difference

Sexual dimporphism, that is the existence of clear and obvious differences between males and females, is obvious in some species of birds but not so in others. Two of my woodland favourites illustrate this, or more correctly, sexual dichromatism. Male and female Spotted Pardalotes are distinctively different whereas every Jacky Winter looks identical, irrespective of the sex.


Male Spotted Pardalote, Mia Mia Road, 16th August 2015


Female Spotted Pardalote, Plunkett’s Road Green Gully, 19th August 2015.


Orange-red rump, yellow throat and white spotted crown on the male Spotted Pardalote.


Jacky Winter, Plunkett’s Road Newstead, 19th August 2015.


Male or female – your guess is as good as mine!

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