Two up … a first!

I see and hear Speckled Warblers on a reasonably regular basis in both the Muckleford and Sandon State Forests. Photographs however, are few and far between, and until today I’d never captured a pair in the one frame. It appears my luck was in with the male carrying a food offering for the female, encouraging a close approach. Pre-nuptial feeding is a common behaviour in many species and while I didn’t actually see the food passed from male to female I’m confident that this was what was happening in this case.


Speckled Warblers – male below, female above – Fence Track, Muckleford State Forest, 17th August 2015.


The male with food in the bill while the female watches on.


Female Speckled Warbler.


Male Speckled Warbler in Golden Wattle.


The chestnut eyebrow distinguishes the female.


A woodland favourite!

5 responses to “Two up … a first!

  1. Spectacular portraits Geoff, I wish these little beauties were a bit more common. Breed up well guys!

  2. Wow! Stunning close ups.

  3. Brilliant images Geoff.

  4. What a pair of sweeties – great to get a good shot of one of these, let alone a pair!

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