Keeping an eye on the GST

I was intrigued by this Grey Shrike-thrush as it foraged in the garden this morning. It spent quite some time looking for prey amongst the bark of this Red Ironbark, deftly prising a number of insects as it went.


Grey Shrike-thrush, Newstead, 12th August 2015.







2 responses to “Keeping an eye on the GST

  1. Ah, my favorite bird, with its beautiful song and lively personality. Thankyou!

  2. Dear Geoff, Annie and Klim here. We are now 3 kms out of Malmsbury. Not as many species of birds as the wonderful Clydesdale. But we have constructed something that we hope might attract our GST pair for breeding. They do seem to be having a good look at it. One lovely thing we do get is the Eastern Yellow robin – and we didn’t seem to get them in Clydesdale. Still the flame robins in the paddocks too. Saw one crested shrike-tit – but not again. And we still open every one of your wonderful emails. Hope uou are well. Cheers Annie.

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