The perils of roadside hunting

This Tawny Frogmouth was found beside the road early on Sunday, on the outskirts of Newstead. It appears to have been struck by a vehicle while chasing insects from a nearby perch – sadly an all too common story for this beautiful nocturnal hunter.


Tawny Frogmouth, Newstead, 9th August 2015.









Many thanks to Robyn who thoughtfully alerted me to its precarious situation, to Vets All Natural in Castlemaine for taking care of the injured bird … and to Tosh for the ‘frogmouth taxi service’.

Update 11th August: The bird appears to be recovering well and has been transferred to the Hepburn Wildlife Shelter for rehabilitation. All going well it will be released back into the wild in the near future, close to where Robyn found it.

7 responses to “The perils of roadside hunting

  1. Glad it was still alive and not squashed.

  2. I hope he makes a speedy recovery. Great work everyone!
    Aren’t those feathers marvellous?

  3. awesome work saving the gorgeous fella 🙂

  4. fab photos Geoff and good luck to that frogmouth

  5. Great work, has it survived?

  6. lynette amaterstein

    So good he was found and looked after. hope it makes a good recovery.
    Thanks for the beautiful photos Geoff.

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