Local butterflies with Julie Whitfield

by Frances Cincotta

Julie Whitfield of Bendigo is an environmental consultant with a passion for butterflies, and she will be guest speaker at Newstead Landcare’s next meeting, Thursday 20th August.

As a recipient of a prestigious Winston Churchill Fellowship Julie recently had the pleasure of exploring conservation projects for butterflies in the USA and the UK with the dream of bringing these models back to Victoria to apply with our local groups. Julie will provide a presentation on these experiences and on the butterfly species likely to occur in the Newstead area, and their role in local ecosystems.

Mount Alexander Shire has a few populations of the extremely rare Eltham Copper Butterfly which has an extraordinary relationship with a particular ant species and Sweet Bursaria shrubs. Julie will introduce you to this marvel as well as to some of our more common local butterflies.


Painted Lady on Gorse Bitter-pea at Strangways by Patrick Kavanagh.

All are welcome to attend on Thursday 20th August at 8 pm at the Newstead Community Centre (gold coin donations appreciated). No need to book in – just come along, discover, be inspired and empowered!

One response to “Local butterflies with Julie Whitfield

  1. Here’s my humble effort to catalogue some of the local lepidoptera https://lepidopteracastlemania.wordpress.com/

    Would be great to hear more about our local butterflies …

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