The fairy-wren and the eagle

Poking about near Fence Track at the weekend I was captivated by this Superb Fairy-wren – a superlative male in full breeding plumage. You know how sometimes a ‘sixth sense’ tells you that you’re being watched?


Male Superb Fairy-wren, Fence Track Muckleford State Forest, 2nd August 2015.

This Wedge-tailed Eagle cruised lazily overhead – causing a temporary distraction. I’ll let you decide which is the more impressive.


Wedge-tailed Eagle over Fence Track.


It’s hard to decide who is more impressive!

3 responses to “The fairy-wren and the eagle

  1. A perfect photo of the Superb Fairy Wren. The Eagle is magnificent! Ken. Had a 6th sense with a Magpie this morning..watched closely and without fear.

  2. lynette amaterstein

    Both very impressive. Thanks Geoff.

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