A welcome distraction

The distinctive calls of a flock of Weebills outside the study window provided a welcome distraction this morning.

This tiny insectivore is a frequent visitor to the garden – they are always busy … and vocal.


Weebill, Wyndham Street Newstead, 30th July 2015.


The Weebill has a distinctive streaking pattern on the throat.


That ‘eagle-eye’ on the lookout for tiny insect prey.

3 responses to “A welcome distraction

  1. Great help in IDing. I get them confused with hornbills. Will watch out for that streaking pattern.

    Cheers, Gib

  2. Love the “eagle eye” so classic!

  3. I tend to get then confused with thornbills Gib … the hornbills around here tend to stand out though!
    Cheers, geoff

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