Sittella and spider

Not many visits to the local bush go by without coming across Varied Sittellas. These small woodland specialists move in tight flocks foraging for insects along the branches and trunks of eucalypts. I’ve often seen them pause to swallow prey, but its unusual to actually see the victim. On this occasion one of the party has clearly snaffled a small spider.

No doubt they consume hundreds of these on a daily basis – just another part of the complex web of life in our wonderful box-ironbark ecosystem.


Varied Sittella, Spring Hill, 27th July 2015.


Typical foraging posture.


A tiny spider has been extracted from under the bark of a Grey Box.


Down the hatch!

3 responses to “Sittella and spider

  1. Hi Geoff – have you come across this? I wonder do you have any comment, given that this is an area you frequent?

    Love receiving your blog! Thanks for sharing.

    regards Joy

    • Thanks Joy – yes, you might notice a section on the site you mention about the Moolort Plains.
      Cheers, geoff

  2. Gosh Geoff! I find them hard to see, let alone photograph when I’m out walking! Are you in a hide? How long do you wait to get shots like this?

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