Golden bud burst

by Patrick Kavanagh

I always find the start of the flowering of Golden Wattles exhilarating – the remarkable burst of colour in our bush and the start of the magnificent procession of flowering. It also seems to mark the proliferation of life that depends on this flowering. A close look at these beautiful buds and flowers gives a glimpse of how many small lifeforms thrive on them.

Golden Wattle bud stack 2x

Golden Wattle bud burst, Strangways 27th July 2015.

Golden Wattle bud stack


Golden Wattle bud stack 2


Golden Wattle Flower stack


spider on Golden Wattle_15-07-27_0002 crop

Spider ID anyone?

3 responses to “Golden bud burst

  1. wonderful pics, as always. Patrick, I had no idea about such tiny Scale? many thanks, carlo

  2. How fantastic! You have made me look at wattles in a whole new way. I will be peering at them in suspicious detail from now on!!

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