Fantail on the rocks

Today’s forecast of arctic conditions was pretty close, but there were some sunny interludes – just enough to prompt a brief outing to Green Gully. There is a nice patch of bush to the north of the highway, with some clumps of Austral Indigo and Sweet Bursaria among the moss and lichen covered rocks. I didn’t really expect any ‘bird action’ but a Grey Fantail had other ideas, swirling around in captivating fashion and posing nicely a few times for the camera. I suspect it’s staked out its breeding territory and was keen to see off the imposter.


Sunshine and moss – a striking combination.


Grey Fantail, Green Gully, 26th July 2015.


Grey Fantail and lichen.


Grey Fantail close-up.

3 responses to “Fantail on the rocks

  1. Thanks again for the workshop yesterday, apart from the chill it was excellent. Your Grey Fantail shots are great but still no technical data attached, finger trouble perhaps?
    Regards Roy

  2. Yes Geoff. Your excellent workshop on the features of the Box Ironbark Forest, the challenges facing the environment and the importance of detailed observation again inspired me to appreciate and learn more about this diverse and interesting forest/woodland. Thankyou. The photographs of the Grey Fantail are striking with the contrast of the mosses and lichens. I also enjoyed Blue and Gold from a few days ago.

  3. HI Roy – thanks for the nice feedback on the workshop. Re EXIF data … no idea how to embed this directly into the blog images but you can see it (I hope) on the images in my flickr gallery – Birds of the Newstead district … let me know if this is not visible.
    Cheers, geoff

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