Rosella courtship display

This ‘pair’ of rosellas are a regular feature at the moment – they seem intent on one of the elm hollows along Wyndham Street and have started their courtship. This includes regular displays of tail shaking from both partners. It will be interesting to see if they take up residence.


Crimson Rosella, Newstead, 19th July 2015.


Tail shaking #1


Tail shaking #2


Tail shaking # 3 – this time its the other half (Crimson x Eastern hybrid)


The Crimson feeding on elm shoots.

2 responses to “Rosella courtship display

  1. Lovely pics. I wish we saw more of the rosellas around here! They are quite uncommon in my part of northern Sydney.

  2. Hi Geoff. We have a wild pair of breeding Crimson Rosellas that nest in a brick pillar at our house and they walk along the deck retaining wall next to the pillar and shake tail feathers at each other and at me too. I sometimes wave my hand from side to side and they respond. I am extremely flattered. We saw one of the young fledge last season and they are nesting again now, ready for this season. No suitable tree hollows available it seems but it is awesome that they are adaptable. I love your shots.

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