Buff-rump earns its moniker

The Buff-rumped Thornbill is a woodland specialist found throughout the box-ironbark country. It typically moves about in small flocks, searching for insects on the ground and in the lower strata, where it can be seen up close. Its melodic, tinkling calls are uttered with regularity as the flock keeps in constant communication while foraging.


Buff-rumped Thornbill, Spring Hill, 19th July 2015.


I’ve got lots of photos of Buff-rumped Thornbills … nice to get one that befits the species.


Showing off the pale iris and pale chestnut forehead.

The short drive to Spring Hill often leads to distraction – one of a family of White-browed Babblers that is regularly sighted just before the turn into Mia Mia Track.


White-browed Babbler, Mia Mia Road, 19th July 2015.

3 responses to “Buff-rump earns its moniker

  1. Really amazing Thornbill photos Geoff.

  2. I love all your photos. I’d spend half my time writing about the pleasure you bring to us, so please take this as a positive comment on ALL your posts. Thanks Geoff, lovely work.

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