This is not a Pink Robin!

I’ve just spent a pleasant morning at Strangways with Andrew, searching for a bird that is rarely seen locally – the Pink Robin. In the past week he has heard their unmistakable calls on a number of occasions, so we thought we’d try to track them down. Alas, lots of Scarlet Robins – perhaps 7 or 8 pairs – but no ‘pinkies’. Keep your eyes and ears peeled for this elusive winter visitor. In the meantime here is a selection of their resident ‘cousins’.


Male Scarlet Robin, Strangways, 18th July 2015.


Please sit still!




This time minus the scarlet.


Female Scarlet Robin.

2 responses to “This is not a Pink Robin!

  1. I love your comments. My thoughts exactly. Please sit still just a little bit longer or turn around. Lovely photos. Thanks

  2. Sit still? Ha! You’ve got to be joking! At least I’m not the only one that happens to (even though your photos are much crisper than mine even when it does).

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