Lightwood country

Lightwood Wattle Acacia implexa is a notable local species. It is rare on public land around Newstead – these areas have typically been so affected by long-term timber removal that the Lightwoods have long since disappeared. They can still be found however on the volcanic escarpments, such as Muckleford Gorge, and the extensive granite landscape around Maldon. Lightwoods are a favourite of mine – older specimens often feature tortured, gnarly trunks – watching over regenerating seedlings that have escaped the attention of sheep, rabbits and hares.


Lightwood Wattles, Muckleford Gorge, 27th June 2015.


Things of stone and wood.


Young Lightwoods rising.

3 responses to “Lightwood country

  1. Great shots, I didn’t realise it was such a long lived tree.

  2. A beautiful tree. I have a longstanding love of standing dead trees, fostered by environmental vandalism (the weirs across the Murray that drowned lots of river red gums along its shores). Those silvered old trees are quite beautiful. Thanks for sharing these…

    • We still retain the European need for ‘clean and tidy’ it seems and our trees and fauna suffer for it. We have more hollow dependant species than anywhere else on earth and an appalling record of extictions. The lightwood shots clearly show your appreciation Geoff. I leave you with an example of mindlessness.

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