Another Sunday selection

A few images from earlier in the week, bookended by a male Eastern Spinebill that visited the garden earlier today – nice to see a little sunshine at last!


Eastern Spinebill, Wyndham Street Newstead, 5th July 2015.


Musk Lorikeet @ Strangways.


Crimson Rosella @ Wyndham Street Newstead.


White-faced Heron near the Loddon river @ Newstead.


Spinebills are very important native pollinators.

One response to “Another Sunday selection

  1. The Grey Heron is superb against the green grass. I am very fond of Grey Herons. They appear so self-contained. I once saw a Grey Heron on our dam, watching cormorants catching fish and trying to follow the cormorants into deeper water. The heron really wasn’t comfortable once the water came above the knees, and flicked his legs characteristically returning rapidly to the shoreline.

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