Swan Lake

There are large numbers of Black Swans feeding on the margins around Lake Cairn Curran at the moment. The ‘green pick’ that has sprung up on the now exposed mud flats has provided an alternative food source for the swans and they are making the most of it while they can.


Black Swans, Cairn Curran, 29th June 2015.


Black Swan footprints.




Dusk silhouette.

4 responses to “Swan Lake

  1. Have a great weekend, Geoff!

  2. The water level on the lake falls dramatically each year.. Something changed as 30 years ago it was always full . Such a shame

    • Yes, after the drought of 1982 we had 700mm in 1983 which filled the storage and it stayed that way for much of the 1980s until the late 1990s when we were hit by the Milennium drought. It takes a wet year – generally in excess of 600mm rainfall to top the storage up. This has only happened twice since 1997.
      Cheers, geoff

  3. I like the swan footprints, just a short step away from a print, one that you frame. Be in touch about bringing a couple of photographs to work out hanging them.

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