Bellbird encounter

The end of the financial year was especially rewarding with wonderful views of a male Crested Bellbird on Spring Hill. While I hear their ventriloquial calls on most visits to the area, this cryptic and wary species is rarely seen up close. What a treat!


Male Crested Bellbird, Spring Hill, 30th June 2015.









4 responses to “Bellbird encounter

  1. lynette Amaterstein

    Thanks Geoff for the beautiful pictures.
    We are off to the Kimberley birdwatching tomorrow so will tell you all about it.

  2. I see Crested Bellbirds not infrequently here, and often quite close up, but my end of year treat was a Speckled Warbler splashing in the birdbath on the second last day! A first sighting ever here (just when I thought there could never be any more).

  3. Magnificent Geoff. More than a bit envious of these shots!

  4. What a treat. I think there some on the eastern edge of the Royal Botanical Gardens. I imagine they are still there.

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