A stunning bud burst

by Patrick Kavanagh

We recently sighted the first Golden Wattle Acacia pycnantha on our place to burst into flower for the season. Always a stunning and joyful vision! It prompted me to train the high power macro lens on the erupting flower buds to see how the process works. I was amazed when someone pointed out to me the tiny insects on the bud at the earliest stage of flowering. How many can you count? I have also been fascinated by the marvelous shapes of the still-budding Spreading Wattles Acacia genistifolia so I’ve included a few more high magnification shots of these.


Golden Wattle buds at bursting point, Strangways, June 30th 2015


Look closely for the tiny insects on the surface of the buds.


A great sight in mid winter!


Spreading Wattle buds opening.


Beauty in miniature.

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