Babblers on Mia Mia Road

Back in the 1960s we had two species of babbler in the Newstead district, the still reasonably common White-browed Babbler and the now sadly departed Grey-crowned Babbler.

Grey-crowned Babblers are hanging by a thread in Victoria, having become locally extinct in many places like Newstead over the past 40 years. There is still a small population scattered across northern Victoria with Boort and Kerang a couple of stronghold locations, but their long-term prospects are not great. Locally, White-browed Babblers seem to be travelling well – around Newstead they benefit from areas of coppice regrowth and even home gardens on the outskirts of town. They love making their roosting and breeding nests in dense shrubs with easy access to open ground for foraging amongst fallen timber and leaf litter. Long may they reign in the district.


White-browed Babblers, Mia Mia Road, 28th June 2015.









2 responses to “Babblers on Mia Mia Road

  1. Dian Bedggood

    Thank you wonderful photos,geoff

  2. Extremely healthy, vocal and entertaining at our place Geoff.

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