Three out of five ain’t bad

A late afternoon excursion across the Moolort Plains today yielded some excellent raptor views – here are three of the five species spotted. A number of Brown Falcons and Black-shouldered Kites were also observed but refused to pose for the camera.


Nankeen Kestrel, Moolort Plains, 29th June 2015.



This Whistling Kite was disturbed from the roadside at Rodborough, rising with an unlucky Australian Magpie – a trace of blood on the beak evidence of its grisly end. Unfortunately for the photographer the kite dropped the magpie moments before I clicked … sadly for the magpie it made no difference!


Whistling Kite, Rodborough, 29th June 2015.



I spotted this Wedge-tailed Eagle near Moolort, heading on a westerly bearing across the plains.


Wedge-tailed Eagle, Moolort, 29th June 2015.

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  1. Geoff were you offering Union rates and conditions or expecting beauty for free as … Cheers

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