Rich picture

There was limited opportunity to get out with the camera today, but this pair of Eastern Rosellas certainly brightened up a gloomy day with their rich hues.

The sexes are almost identical in this species, the male just a little brighter than the female, meaning they can usually be distinguished when seen together.


Eastern Rosella, Wyndham Street Newstead, 27th June 2015.


Eastern Rosella pair – male at right.


Male Eastern Rosella … I think!

It’s worth a look back at my post from late May, Farewell to Autumn, where the ‘Eastern Rosella’ is most likely a Crimson x Eastern hybrid – one noticeable difference is that the plumage on the upper back is like that of the Crimson rather than the yellow and black of the Eastern Rosella.

One response to “Rich picture

  1. Brightened up my day too! I had 2 Ring neck lorrikeets at the front door of work this morning, Great way to start the day thanks!

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