Galahs pairing up

As we approach the shortest day of the year our local Galahs are getting a little frisky. At this time of year you’ll see pairs mutual preening, inspecting hollows and even carrying sprays of eucalypt leaves that will be used to line their spring nesting hollows. This pair was spotted yesterday at Strangways.


Galah pair, Strangways, 20th June 2015.


That’s the female with the red iris at left.


Female Galah.


The male showing the pink under wing coverts at right.


The female (at left) having a wing stretch.

2 responses to “Galahs pairing up

  1. Beautiful photos Geoff – I believe that galahs pair for life – is that true? I have noticed that when you see a pair flying together, they mirror/follow each others flight movements – a bit like a dance. Chris

  2. Hi Chris, yes Galahs apparently do pair for life, as do many of the larger parrots.
    Cheers, geoff

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