Along Demo Track

It’s not often that the birds completely fail to cooperate but such was the occasion on a ramble near Demo Track earlier in the week. Not to worry – it is always worth the walk.


Demo Track east of Newstead – Red Stringybark amongst the rocks.


Spent seed pods from Gorse-leaf Bitter-pea


Happy to be enlightened about the identity of this fungus.


Much of this area has been subject to fuel-reduction burning … epicormic shoots of Red Box demonstrate the robustness of the local bush.


Another of the many interesting rocky outcrops I encountered. A good spot for Spotted Quail-thrush … but not today.

3 responses to “Along Demo Track

  1. My suggestion for your fungus is Enteloma moongum.

  2. Many thanks – sorry that the photograph was not more definitive.
    Cheers, geoff

  3. Do like – particularly the rocks and the contrast of light and dark with the seed pods.

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