An influx of spinebills

Lots of Eastern Spinebills in the garden today. With Correa, Yellow Gum and a mix of Grevilleas in flower there is plenty of nectar flowing at the moment. Note the pollen that this individual has inadvertently collected on its forays amongst the flowers.


Eastern Spinebill, Newstead, June 14th 2015.









6 responses to “An influx of spinebills

  1. i love your photos. do you have a blogpost somewhere about camera gear? i am trying to chose a new lens… am thinking the canon 70-300L but each time i have gone to a store to buy it, they talk me out of it. they say that the tamron 70-200 f2.8 or the sigma 150-500 would be better. or even the canon non L lens.

  2. beautiful bird photography as usual. These are one of my favourite birds and I enjoyed them in my garden at Nowra and enjoy them here in my garden in Hobart!

  3. Look at the Tamron 150-600 it is a very good lens, light and can be handheld for birds.

  4. lynette amaterstein

    They are visiting our garden here in Castlemaine too Geoff. They also check out the flowering succulent to see when it will be ready . Great pics as always. Thank you.

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