‘Muskies’ up close

These darned ‘muskies’ just had to feature again. Completely oblivious to the camera they were captured almost within touching distance. The incredible value of veteran trees in providing a rich and sustained nectar flow over the winter months has never been more evident to me.


Musk Lorikeet feeding on Yellow Gum blossom, Strangways, 5th June 2015.









4 responses to “‘Muskies’ up close

  1. Anne van Gemert

    What an exquisite photos Geoff. Thank you

  2. Barb Went & Mal Campbell

    Just fabulous! The details of the bird’s feathers and the colours are wonderful.

  3. Did you have a tripod set up or hand held? Your photos are so sharp – fantastic work! 😊

    • Hi Dayna – I sometimes use a tripod, more often a monopod but mostly hand-held. Many photos – a few are sharp! Using fill flash is helpful if you can get close up as this allows some underexposure and a faster shutter speed.
      Cheers, geoff

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