You don’t need to go to the reef to see coral!

This extraordinary coral fungus was found at the Newstead Community Garden a few days ago. It was spotted by the observant kids from Newstead Pre-school on one of their regular visits to the garden … well done!


Coral fungus, Newstead Community garden, 5th June 2015.


Coral fungus in close-up.


The Newstead Community Garden with All Saints Anglican Church in the background.

The garden is home to many treasures – if you’ve never been I’d encourage you to pay a visit.

To learn more about coral fungi click here.

4 responses to “You don’t need to go to the reef to see coral!

  1. Looks like Hericium coralloides. Down here in Tassie it grows on dead myrtle beech as well as eucalypts. Close is so beautiful thanks Geoff.

  2. Thanks Roz – yes, that looks like it from inspection of some images on the web. Appreciate the ID help!
    Cheers, Geoff

  3. How awesome is it! We were very excited to find it hidden there 🙂

  4. I have seen this around my place on the edge of Wombat State Forest, but not this year.

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