Monday ‘heads up’

Chained to the computer all day and only time for a brief walk in the garden at lunchtime. Still, something always to catch the eye.


Common Bronzewing, Wyndham Street Newstead, 1st June 2015.


Masked Lapwing.


New Holland Honeyeater.


Immature Crimson Rosella.



6 responses to “Monday ‘heads up’


    Such beautiful pictures again!


    Hello Geoff, You have probably already been asked this question before, but what camera and equipment do you use? 

    • Hi there,
      Have a look under the gear tab (under events etc) and you’ll see what I use plus some useful links. For birds the Canon 400 L5.6 does a great job although I’ll be getting a new 100-400 Mk II when I can afford it.
      Cheers, geoff

  3. Helen Schofield

    Love that silver-eye species feeding on your fruit. What a great last photo!

  4. Love the close-up portraits. I did not realise that New Hollands had such an attractive wispy “beard”.

  5. Nothing like that just out side this office 😦 You are very lucky.

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