Farewell to autumn

This ‘pair’ of adult rosellas, a Crimson and an Eastern Rosella are one of a number of mixed pairs currently flying together around town. In my experience this happens more frequently in urbanised environments than it does elsewhere – I wonder if anyone has done a study? The Crimson Rosella is a bird of woodland and forest, while the Eastern generally prefers more open country.


Crimson Rosella feeding on Viburnum, Wyndham Street Newstead, 30th May 2015.




Its mate, an adult Eastern Rosella, feeding nearby.





9 responses to “Farewell to autumn

  1. I never pick apples from my tree they are reserved for the Rosella every year.. Apples are easy to come by .. Birds are far more precious

  2. Again fantastic photography, must now qualify as being an expert in all sense of the meaning

    • Thanks Ron – hope all is good with you and family. Would love to catch up some time!
      Cheers, geoff

  3. Just lovely to see these – how unusual to know that there are mixed pairs – fascinating.

  4. An interesting pairing as the Crimson Rosellas are larger and seem to bully the Eastern Rosellas that come to my garden.

  5. Nadeem Samnakay

    Hi Geoff. Last week in Bruce (Canberra) I cycled past a collection of King Parrots, Eastern and Crimson Rosella’s all feeding together on the ground. First time I had seen such. They were feeding on some seeds of an exotic street tree.

    • Hi Nadeem – good to hear from you and trust all is well. Send some King Parrots down our way … they would make a nice addition!
      Cheers, geoff

  6. I think the Crimsons mate is actually a Crimson/Eastern hybrid, it has almost the slightest tinge of blue on the white wheel patches, the red on the back extends further down than a usual Eastern and its red in general looks too dark for an eastern, more closer to a crimson

    • HI Michael – thanks for the suggestion. I must admit to not looking too closely but what you’ve picked out looks sensible.
      Cheers, geoff

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