Autumn chatter on Spring Hill

Autumn is the time for the formation of mixed species flocks in the box-ironbark. Bands of insectivores move together through the bush, searching ‘cooperatively’ for prey that is apparently disturbed by the birds foraging at different levels as they move in a loose congregation. There is a flurry of chatter as they pass and then the bush falls silent again.

The three species picture below on Spring Hill were accompanied by Buff-rumped Thornbills, a Grey Fantail, Golden Whistlers, Scarlet Robins and White-eared Honeyeaters.


Striated Thornbill, Spring Hill, 27th May 2015.


Fossicking for insects on a coppice Long-leaf Box.


Speckled Warbler (male), Spring Hill, 27th May 2015.


Speckled Warbler showing off its nice honey-coloured flanks.


Speckled Warblers are enchanting birds – their comparative rarity makes them a noteworthy observation.


Weebill on Spring Hill.

4 responses to “Autumn chatter on Spring Hill

  1. Beautiful creatures Geoff! Shows we don’t have to fly to anther hemisphere (and burn carbon) to see something amazing, just have to learn to look.

  2. It is with great envy that I make the following comment !!! We have a generic name down here in Diggers Rest ” Sparrows”

    • Maybe time to organize and plant some trees/habitat Alex, we did, right next to chemical works, oil refineries and car plants and are getting results, see (still have plenty sparrows though)

  3. I love the speckled warbler! thanks Geoff, your photos make my day Tina

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